Tiger Chi

The tiger who came to Algorand

A collection of 888 uniquely minted tiger NFTs from 1circle community with our very first Chinese artist on Algorand

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The voice from the East

This is how the story began…

Throughout Chinese history, the tiger is always associated with ‘yang’ – positivity. It symbolises strength, dignity, and courage.

Chi in Chinese means energy flow. Also known as a vital life force, it flows through each of us, uniting the body, mind, and spirit.

Therefore, Tiger Chi is full of energy, and embodies the spirit of taking challenges and adventures in life.

Why here and why now?

Algorand is one of the greenest blockchains on this planet, and it has been designed from the ground up, to minimally impact the environment. We love our mother earth, and we wish that all beautiful creatures can live harmoniously here. Thus, we hope to raise awareness of our environment and endangered species. Together with Algorand, we are committed to making our project sustainable.


According to Chinese zodiac signs, 2022 is the year of the Tiger.  In 2022, the 1circle community wishes to grow alongside Algorand. Tiger Chi is making its debut around Chinese new year time. It is the first-ever, Chinese, tiger-themed NFT project. A new adventure for 1circle and our young, talented, artist Yangyang on the Algorand ecosystem.

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Why should you be part of us?

tigerchi NFT

Limited edition

Only 888 tigers are uniquely minted in this collection. In ancient Chinese mythology, there are five color types of tigers that hold the balance of cosmic forces and maintain harmony. We incorporated this into our design and gave them a rarity.


Long term focus

It is a sustainable project which means we aim to establish a DAO eventually, and empower NFT holders with exclusive rights. Holding a Tiger Chi NFT is just the beginning.


Social responsibility

A portion of our sales will go to Tigers4ever charity to give tigers a wild future. We will also raise funds by holding dedicated auction sessions.


2022 – Q1

  • Launch project with website and social media
  • Establish a discord community
  • List in Rand Gallery and NFT Explorer
  • Launch Campaign collaborated with Algorand Inc
  • Partner with Metaverse platform – xSpaces – Lantern Festival Celebration and 1st Metaverse meet up with community members
  • Partner with Blockbeam
  • Partner with Algomint for ecosystem partner showcase event & token launch

2022 – Q2

  • Release of v2 Wushu TigerChi
  • Loyalty reward program for v1 holders
  • Launch charity program
  • TigerChi NFT gallery in the Metaverse
  • 2nd Community meetup in the Metaverse
  • Partner with Folksy guys/ Folks Finance
  • Partner with AI robot company Cloudmind
  • Partner with AlgoDAO
  • Online talk with Nick Haines

2022 – Q3 onwards

  • TigerChi Kingdom in Metaverse
  • 3rd Community meetup in the TigerChi Kingdom
  • 3D Avatar and 3D TigerChi NFT
  • More partnerships and collaborations to come

When and how to get it?

We launched our project on Feb 1, 2022, the first day of Chinese New Year and it was well received and supported by the community. Check our collection out!

Who are we?

Creativity, Inspiration, Communication

We are part of the borderless economy, we are web3.0 contributors.
We wish to bring the voice of China to the world, and listen to the echo of the world.
NFT art is truly a great way to connect all of us together.

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The team


Digital artist from Chengdu, China, environmentalist. He loves to use oriental elements to mix with the western trends


Project Lead, the founder of 1circle Chinese community on Algorand which recently received grant from Algorand Foundation


UI designer, responsible for all the creatives and UI designing of the website


Operations Lead, managing all the day-to-day operations of the project


NFT mint master, using AlgoKittens’ batch minting script following ARC69

Designer, managing all social media content creation

Kevin Hughes

Head of community, helping drive engagement of the community

Michael Jordan

Advisor, helping shape the project in the right direction

Special thanks to

Josh from NFTexplorer, Starlink from NFTspace for providing advice on NFT minting,

Filippo from Folks Finance and Aaron from Headline for sharing their best practice and support from their perspective communities,
Xiaoyu and Will for optimizing the rarity algorithm for the project,
Yue and Lei for creating this beautiful website and all visuals that we enjoy,
Thomas and Mo for all the preparation work.

And many more of you from the Algorand ecosystem, showing your support to make this project happen.

let's rock and roar

We are dedicated to making crypto and the real-world better places to be. We wish to see you join us and enjoy this journey with us. See you soon!

Join us today!

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Tiger Chi

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